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Our Vision

Arnold Preservation Council Vision Statement

  1. Establish a community center/building for public use and strengthen community    connections within Arnold. 
  2. Develop a set of strategies to enable local residents to live and work long-term in Arnold (i.e. age diversity to accommodate aging in place, young professionals and young growing families).
  3. Monitor the Anne Arundel County Master Plan so that residents, organizations, institutions and businesses in the greater Arnold area have adequate information and opportunity to reflect their needs and desires.
  4. Link communities to hiker/biker trails, parks and recreation areas and open space.
  5. Advocate for increased public access to recreational sites along public waterways.
  6. Establish and maintain a good working relationship with both the State Highway Administration regarding the Route 2 corridor, and Anne Arundel County regarding county roadways, on matters of long-term projects, possible expansion, bridge construction, construction and functioning of major intersections, maintenance, and pedestrian safety. 

  7. Broaden the visibility and outreach of Arnold Preservation Council.
  8. Promote more timely inclusion of Arnold Preservation Council in county and state decisions affecting Arnold.

  9. Advocate for better access to public transportation.